Why it’s Important to Have a Custom Facebook Fan Page URL

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page setup for your small business? If not, then get one up ASAP. For those of you who are already on Facebook, you know just how powerful a tool it is for your small business. Today’s post is intended to help you understand the importance of having a custom URL setup for your Facebook fan page.

Does your Fan page have an ugly URL string like the one below?

Did you know that your Facebook fan page URL doesn’t have to look like the one above? You have the ability to customize it. If you have 25 fans or more, Facebook allows you to create a custom URL for your small business fan page. Simply go here, and click “Set a username for your Pages”. Be sure to double-check the Username that you select as you cannot change it. It should be something that’s short, but also something associated with your business. I simply chose my business name, as you can see below.

There are a few reasons why you should create a custom URL for your Facebook fan page.

  • It looks cleaner than a string of code
  • It’s better for search engine purposes
  • It’s easier to promote – Check out my post on promoting social media in your print ads for more information
  • It’s easier for people to remember if you’re giving your URL out during a face-to-face conversation
  • It’s another branding element for your Facebook fan page

It’s really easy to setup your custom Facebook fan page URL, so take a few minutes and do it now. Then let everyone on Twitter know you did it (just another way to let people know you have a fan page that they can be a part of).

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