Use YouTube Videos to Create a Deeper Connection with Customers

Are you using video to promote your small business? Although we have discussed using video for marketing your business in some earlier posts, like 5 Inbound Marketing Ideas for Hotels, and Retail Clothing Boutiques Host Their Own Local Fashion Shows, we have not yet fully dedicated an entire post to Video Marketing.

As many of our readers know, Catalyst Marketers subscribes to a content marketing philosophy. It’s our opinion that as a small business, you create content that’s relevant to, and perceived as valuable by, your target audience. You then use social media to promote your content, and drive followers back to your website/blog. Content comes in four forms, written content (like eNewsletters, blog articles, etc.), audio-based content (like MP3s, Podcasts, shows, etc.), visual content (like Flickr Slide Shows), and video-based content (like YouTube videos, Skype interviews, etc). Today, like no time before in the history of using video to advertise your business, small business owners can easily, and cost-effectively create, host, & maintain marketing videos.

YouTube Videos to market my businessMany business owners can purchase a commercial grade HD video recorder for about $1,000, which allows you to shoot your own high quality videos. You can then hire someone to edit your videos, like Atlanta Business Video, or edit the videos yourself. If you hire someone, you’re going to pay about $75/hour. If you do it yourself, you’ll spend 8 – 10 hours getting your video ready for prime time. Then, you can take advantage of YouTube by creating your own branded YouTube Channel for your small business. Now you don’t have to pay anything for hosting your videos online. This means, that for a one-time investment of about $1,000 for equipment, a few hundred bucks to hire someone to edit your videos, and free hosting & distribution through YouTube, you have a professional quality video for your business. That’s pretty powerful stuff when you think back to just a few years ago when the average small business owner couldn’t use video to promote their business.

Here are a few ways to use video to promote your business:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Product & Services Review Videos
  • Event-related Videos
  • “How To” Videos
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Creating video content for your small business is one of the very best investments you can make. It gives people a glimpse into your business in ways that they cannot get through reading a blog article (I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a business blog, just that video takes content to the next level). Video is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings, and now, more than ever before, small business owners have the ability to create high quality videos, for costs that are affordable. Are you using video to promote your business?

Contact us if you want some help creating high quality videos for your business.

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  1. I have just started working for KMS California. We have a very small team and we do a lot of facebook youtube etc postings of our videos, seminars, hairshows etc.

    We have noticed that there are also video bloggers who from time to time use our products and give us reviews. It does create excitement for our brand. The key is creating content that can be posted and that is relevant and interesting to our customers.


  1. Q&A - Q... [...]Use YouTube Videos to Create a Deeper Connection with Customers | Catalyst Marketers[...]...

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